Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sharing the Little Things

We have each been consumed with language for the 1 1/2 years we have been in South Asia.

But we have each also had outlets for breaking the language-study monotony and "getting our hands dirty" in some ministry here in South Asia, trying our hardest to engage the people of South Asia where they live.

Kristie has been enjoying working in an extremely poor, closed off village of migrant workers near our home for over a year now. We have showed you before Kristie sharing the story of Easter with these people for the first time, using various techniques to gain the interest and trust of the community, and providing for the physical and spiritual needs of the villagers

While we usually just pay for whatever small costs are incurred in this ministry out of our own pockets, a recent special gift from Kristie's home church has ensured that these ministries will be able to continue indefinitely. This gift was not huge, but it does not take much to change lives: buying a few hundred beads, some string, and some bags of chips.

On Good Friday, Kristie was able to share repeatedly with perhaps the largest group yet of children, women, and even men about the condition of man without God, and the hope God provided through Jesus on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

While the colored beads of the "salvation bracelets" are so common in the USA that they are almost cliche, to those who know nothing about the God of the Bible, or the Incarnate Son, these colors represent a Hope that is new to them.

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