Saturday, March 2, 2013

We Like to Party! Birthday, 2013 Style

Since that blessed day when Rebekah came into our lives four years ago in Hattiesburg, we have always celebrated her big day in style. We had the plain colorful theme at her 1st Birthday Party, some fun around the house and at the local zoo for her 2nd Birthday Celebration, and a South Asian Dora Party with a friend on her 3rd Birthday.

So we could not let her expectations be dashed at the beginning of year 4.

We knew ex-pats who brought years worth of presents with them each time they came overseas for a few years, but plenty of quality things are available here in South Asia (and our mail service is pretty good from the USA), so the day started and ended with presents!

In between the presents, a lot of Skype calls with friends and family were made,

dress-up clothes were put on and taken off,

and sweets were eaten.

Rebekah's Princess Party was a huge blowout from which she and her parents will not soon recover.

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