Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sons of Zebedee

Back when the weather was still cold, we had the privilege of traveling with some team members to a newly opened Boys' Home in a neighboring state. The home is the result of the vision of a South Asian believer who saw a need for housing and education for boys who, while not always "complete" orphans, had been forced to leave their family's homes for various cultural or social reasons.

The population of the Boys' Home was growing quickly, as 5 boys lived there when we arrived (and took the above picture), while 3 other boys came while we were at the Home.

We hung out and played with the boys (and various neighborhood children), which included Kristie showing off some of her dance South Asian moves...

And one of the villagers asked Kristie to name her 2-week-old twins!

So I guess despite the fact that the mother appears to be angry while the white people are holding her babies, she was honored that we were there.

We all got a chance to hold the babies, and whether the names stick or not, we called the boys "the Sons of Zebedee"--James and John--hoping they would make a huge impact on their communities when they grew up.

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