Saturday, March 9, 2013

Really, South Asia? Part Thirteen (Slobbish Monkeys)

On our recent trip to the Ganga, to one of the holiest cities in the Hindu faith, we encountered many unique people and things. 

We have experienced monkeys in a lot of settings in South Asia--perhaps none more memorable than the Great Monkey Invasion of 2012--but we stumbled upon a man and his monkey friend who were truly memorable.

We have seen some Hindu priests walking monkeys on chains and holding them on their shoulders, but all those little monkeys were in pretty good physical shape--lean and mean looking.

So what happened to this monkey? He looked like a slob! 

Then we passed back by and the monkey's master was gone, and we saw why he was so out-of-shape...

After checking to see if anyone was looking,

He dove right into the bag of whatever his master had left behind!

A little gross, and a little funny.

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