Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter: All About the Bunny

Of course we know--and Rebekah knows as well--why we really celebrate Easter!

But she has always had (see the 2-year-old hunting & the 3-year-old hunting of years past), and continued to have a lot of fun this past week not only learning about Jesus' Resurrection, but also holding bunnies...

Dyeing eggs with friends...

Transforming toilet paper rolls

 into a bunny family...

And having her own private Easter Egg hunt, 

Despite looking VERY tired Easter Sunday morning!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sons of Zebedee

Back when the weather was still cold, we had the privilege of traveling with some team members to a newly opened Boys' Home in a neighboring state. The home is the result of the vision of a South Asian believer who saw a need for housing and education for boys who, while not always "complete" orphans, had been forced to leave their family's homes for various cultural or social reasons.

The population of the Boys' Home was growing quickly, as 5 boys lived there when we arrived (and took the above picture), while 3 other boys came while we were at the Home.

We hung out and played with the boys (and various neighborhood children), which included Kristie showing off some of her dance South Asian moves...

And one of the villagers asked Kristie to name her 2-week-old twins!

So I guess despite the fact that the mother appears to be angry while the white people are holding her babies, she was honored that we were there.

We all got a chance to hold the babies, and whether the names stick or not, we called the boys "the Sons of Zebedee"--James and John--hoping they would make a huge impact on their communities when they grew up.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Making Crazy Faces

What sort of bribe does Rebekah require in order to willingly give us one of her sweet-like-honey smiles?

Simply allowing her to pose like this,

Make faces like this,

Or, perform what seems to be her new favorite pose...

Not sure what to call it...

"The Chubby Cheek"?

Friday, March 15, 2013

If You Make a Sweet Face...

We, like most parents, know about bribing children. And while we try not to bribe Rebekah to obey us, we do have to bribe her at times to stand still so we can get a non-blurry picture of her.

Fortunately, at this point in her 4-year-old life, the cost is very low for standing still. We dread the teenage years, though.

So these "Sweet Faces" cost us, but they were worth it. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Really, South Asia? Part Thirteen (Slobbish Monkeys)

On our recent trip to the Ganga, to one of the holiest cities in the Hindu faith, we encountered many unique people and things. 

We have experienced monkeys in a lot of settings in South Asia--perhaps none more memorable than the Great Monkey Invasion of 2012--but we stumbled upon a man and his monkey friend who were truly memorable.

We have seen some Hindu priests walking monkeys on chains and holding them on their shoulders, but all those little monkeys were in pretty good physical shape--lean and mean looking.

So what happened to this monkey? He looked like a slob! 

Then we passed back by and the monkey's master was gone, and we saw why he was so out-of-shape...

After checking to see if anyone was looking,

He dove right into the bag of whatever his master had left behind!

A little gross, and a little funny.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

We Like to Party! Birthday, 2013 Style

Since that blessed day when Rebekah came into our lives four years ago in Hattiesburg, we have always celebrated her big day in style. We had the plain colorful theme at her 1st Birthday Party, some fun around the house and at the local zoo for her 2nd Birthday Celebration, and a South Asian Dora Party with a friend on her 3rd Birthday.

So we could not let her expectations be dashed at the beginning of year 4.

We knew ex-pats who brought years worth of presents with them each time they came overseas for a few years, but plenty of quality things are available here in South Asia (and our mail service is pretty good from the USA), so the day started and ended with presents!

In between the presents, a lot of Skype calls with friends and family were made,

dress-up clothes were put on and taken off,

and sweets were eaten.

Rebekah's Princess Party was a huge blowout from which she and her parents will not soon recover.