Thursday, February 14, 2013

Why We Love Valentine's Day, In South Asia

Kristie is excited to be in a place that has such beautiful flowers available.
James is excited that those flowers are so inexpensive.
Rebekah is excited just to get stuff in general, 
but especially when some comes from the USA.

 Last year's Valentine's Day was difficult, as Rebekah was at the end of her 2-months of sickness.
This morning, though, we had no trouble getting her to smile in the morning.

(and yes, she is wearing the same pajamas she wore last year on Valentine's Day morning, although we have more than one pair)

A lollipop bouquet!

A finger puppet of a monkey!

A new outfit for school! 

And, the best presents of all, Rebekah's Hindi Children's Bible she has been begging for

And three roses from daddy.

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