Wednesday, February 20, 2013


We are pumped to have two guys from our home church, First Hattiesburg, here with us in South Asia! We have had friends from around South Asia come to our home, but these guys travelled all the way here just to see how we live our lives, our work, and how their church can participate in God's Global Kingdom among those tribes that have never heard of God's work in Christ.

We tried to take them straight to the village, but their American-ness seemed to draw them, like a moth to a flame, to what seemed like home to them...

McDonalds, Subway, and--of course...

But, after dragging the guys away from the Domestic Terminal in the Delhi Airport, we saw some more accurate pictures of life in South Asia. Despite the nation-wide strike happening, we made it to our sleepy little town and toured some sad locations, talking to some local devotees of these temples. Mostly we just saw people searching for some meaning in their lives.

And, in order to warm up to Rebekah (and because her charms are irresistible), Daniel and Jeff played hide-and-seek, trains, and read some of her favorite books.

We will try to get pictures if the guys actually play Princesses with Rebekah like she hopes.

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