Sunday, February 10, 2013

Really, South Asia? Part Twelve (Communists, Revisited)

We try as hard as we can to stay out of politics as we go about our work here in South Asia. Most likely, our political opinions would be appreciated about as much as a non-American coming to the USA and telling us how we should feel or think about a certain party or candidate.

One disturbing point of politics here in our country--especially in our state--is the prominence and reverence so many people give to the Communist Party. We even mentioned soon after arriving here how weird this made us feel.

And while James likes dress up as a "Bolshevik" to pose for photos when we find a two-dollar hat that accents his beard and the rustic hotel in which we stayed on our weekend get-away, do the adamant Communists here know the history of their party's founders?

We have been told the Communists here are nothing like those from Mao's China or the former USSR leaders, yet we had to stop and take pictures when we found statues of some infamous Communist heroes on a recent trip.

We just had to say, "Wow, really?"

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