Thursday, February 28, 2013

(De)Constructing South Asia's Economy

In the USA, we are used to seeing big trucks that will mix and dump concrete wherever it needs to be poured. We do not have those big trucks. 

We have people.

And our labor-abundant economy here in South Asia gets things built.

Say you want to build a roof on a second-story garage apartment like this one...

Just get a bunch of people to show up early in the morning, 
some piles of sand and gravel,

and one ancient concrete mixing machine,

 and have those people walk up sketchy bamboo ladders 30-feet off the ground 

with pails of the concrete balanced on their head.

Under the strict supervision of our landlord (and local construction mogul), the roof is built in half a day.

Just a little insight into how things work, or don't, here in South Asia.

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