Monday, February 18, 2013

Colorful School Days

Rebekah's school has a uniform, like most schools here.

On Fridays, however, the promise of "something different" gets the children SO excited. The children get to actually wear their own clothes, of a certain color.

James says he probably would have just thrown on a t-shirt of a specific color when he was a child, but Rebekah is all GIRL, so she takes these days very seriously. That includes having to pose for pictures on each of these days.

One of her biggest fears is that different colored sleeves will prevent her from getting in the class picture that is taken for those who participate in Color Day.

South-Asian BLACKOUT, just like back at the Rock cheering on USM!

Red Day, 

Showing off her Disney Princess shirt from Aunt Elisa.

Putting on our own lip gloss, getting ready for Green Day!

With our hair all up in pigtails.

And showing off our Valentine's Day outfit, 

since Friday was a holiday and Kristie decided to break the uniform rule on this Thursday!

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