Monday, January 14, 2013

The Ganga

We have mentioned before the importance of water in our faith, as well as in the faith of most here in South Asia.

We took a very chilly, foggy boat ride on the holiest of South Asian rivers in one of the holiest cities in South Asia--so holy that we saw more foreigners seeking something in this moderately large city here than we do in the 20-million strong cities of our country.

We expected to see everything we saw:

Cows (safer in this spot in this city than perhaps anywhere else in the world)

People washing clothes (I might have waited until a little later in the day--it was really cold)


People bathing away their sins (As unholy as this sounds, I would have waited until later in the day for this as well)

Some impressive architecture

People brushing their teeth in the Ganga (no comment on how sanitary--or not--this is)

Maybe it was just our chilled bones or the cold fog, but it was a pretty sad boat ride. So much water, so much hope, so much searching going on by people from all over the world. 

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