Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tedium: Waiting

We have experienced our share of waiting here in South Asia. We expected to wait often when trying to buy things, to get things repaired, and to travel.

Of all the expectations we had in moving here, this is one point at which South Asia did not disappoint. So many Americans get frustrated in South Asia just because things do not always get accomplished with the efficiency we are used to seeing in the USA.

You have seen the train stations before on our blog, where a 4-hour train ride can turn into a 12-hour train ride. In the chilly weather we had this month, waiting 8 hours on a crowded train platform can be discouraging.

Waiting at immigration offices for the officials to decide whether to let you out of their country,

Waiting for the police to open the gate for you,

And waiting for bike/vehicle/pedestrian traffic to sort itself out on what can seem like endless lengths of bumpy roads...

Just add to the charm of what is South Asia.

A South Asia we grow to love more each day.

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