Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy (Re)Public Day!!!

Rebekah did not quite get that the holiday we celebrated today was not actually Public Day, but Republic Day. We celebrated none-the-less, however. Last year we had our rooftop picnic at a friend's house, and this year we really acted like a true South Asian family by loading up everyone from our house into the truck, driving down the road with the country's flag flapping out the window, and having a picnic.

Who has picnics in January? Thankfully, we live in a climate that makes it possible for us to do so! We went twenty minutes out of town to a nice park near a military base to stretch our legs and enjoy nature (and, naturally, a playground and some animal cages which Rebekah turned into a petting zoo).

We did not bring the American picnic standards. Instead of sandwich meat and chips, we cooked a full meal and loaded it up to take with us.

We even baked patriotic-colored cookies for the occasion, since helping with frosting is one of Rebekah's favorite activities.

Rarely do we find the free time or uncrowded places to just hang out freely, but thankfully we had the opportunity today.

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