Saturday, December 22, 2012

Reaching Out: Cupcakes, Christmas Outfits, and Christmas Lights

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
--1 Corinthians 10:31

We have always wondered how to make EVERYTHING we do focus on God's glory. I think the kids these days are calling it being MISSIONAL, whether overseas or in the USA.

We are trying our hardest.

Cupcakes for the Glory of God

Kristie has been baking A LOT over the past couple weeks--
  • Banana Bread (South Asians call it Banana Cake)
  • Banana Muffins
  • Sugar Cookies
  • Cupcakes
--in order to give to people in our neighborhood, our rickshaw drivers, our post office workers, and anyone else we come in contact with regularly. The late nights have been worth it, though, as we have been able to explain who Jesus was and why He came to dozens during these weeks.

And Rebekah needed to help us, of course, make the 60 cupcakes for her class at school. While Rebekah's schoolmates ate the cupcakes, Kristie shared with them (in their own language) the story of why Jesus came to Earth.

Christmas Clothes for the Glory of God

While many in the USA are having "ugly sweater" parties, we are having all kinds of conversations about why we are celebrating in the ways we are, wearing the clothes we are, etc. We are such a minority in this country religiously that so many really do not know anything about Christmas at all (probably about as much as you know about Diwali or Kali Puja).

Christmas Lights for the Glory of God

"I'll be the only Hindu with lights up for Christmas!"

Some Christians traditionally hang stars above their house to commemorate Christmas, but we do not see the lights and yard ornaments reminiscent of back home. But our landlord, who lives on the second floor of our apartment building (we live on the third floor), said his Christmas gift to us was to decorate (or re-decorate, since the lights had all been up earlier in the month for Hindu Puja season) our building with lights. Not sure what the neighbors will think, but he just wanted to show his appreciation (you can vaguely see our Christmas tree lit up through the window on the third floor).

Please keep us and all of those we shared with in your prayers.

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  1. What an awesome landlord! As we bake today it will certainly take on new meaning and I'll share with my children the significance of the baking you are doing.