Sunday, December 16, 2012

Our Giant Christmas Tree

We did okay decorating last year, with a borrowed tree and little-to-no knowledge of where to find decorations around our sleepy little town.

So we were determined to find a tree of our own, cost aside, and put our own stamp on the holiday. 

Kristie took the "cost aside" comment literally, and we found what must be the most expensive, but biggest, Christmas tree in South Asia. Fully decorated, and with presents underneath, this little corner of our apartment provides lights and viewing enjoyment for everyone on the south side of our building.

And, of course, when we said we were going to take some pictures of the tree, Rebekah interpreted our words as "Why don't we do a photo shoot of you, Rebekah?".

So we made it about her, even when she flashed these gang signs. 

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