Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012: While You Were Sleeping...

We had left a note for Santa again this year from Rebekah.

In a letter to him, she said she only wanted one thing--a house for her princesses. As you can see, her other request, in the note that accompanied her cookies and Coke for Santa, was that Santa come when she was awake.

So while you guys were waiting on Santa to come, warm in your beds, we were reminding Rebekah that perhaps Santa had already passed through South Asia.

She looked a little more tired, and therefore less surprised than last year, but she got the princess house she had asked for.

Santa brought us the usual gifts:

Books "to distract us from learning Hindi," to quote Kristie;

And some high quality, American-made underwear.

And, out in our sleepy little town, almost everyone just lived life as normal, as if there were nothing to celebrate on December 25th.

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