Friday, December 28, 2012

A Season of Birthdays

While having your birthday near Christmas cannot be too fun, just because most people are thinking about Christmas instead of you, we know quite a few people whose birthdays fall in late December. 

Of course we had our "Birthday Party for Jesus," with Rebekah and her friends frosting and decorating a cookie cake (His preference over real cake--unleavened) for Him.

Then last night we got dressed up for our landlord's daughter's 5th birthday party, with private DJ and catered food (yes, for a 5-year-old).

Accompanying us to that party was our friend Annie, who as it happens, has a birthday TODAY!

Since she stays in an apartment near us and her family lives all the way across the country, we did what we could to celebrate with her on her 21st birthday!

Of course Rebekah was beside her during the candle blowing, present opening, and--without a doubt--

during the cupcake eating.

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