Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our Little Helper: Birthday Cupcake Frosting

Oh, the concentration it takes to help Mama frost the cupcakes for our friend's birthday party.

Rebekah was very upset that she was not able to help Kristie make the cupcakes, due to that silly nap that (thankfully for her parents) always messes up her 3-year-old schedule.

And as she neared the end of her frosting, her project looked pretty good.

But then we began to notice a priceless, yet all too commonly seen, sneaky look on her face,

and soon realized the REAL reason she wanted to help with the cupcakes.

Very nice.

And no, we did not tell those at the party about her escapades 
(although in our defense, she only frosted the small cupcakes the kids ate).

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