Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas: Our Turn to Decorate

October and November have been loud and colorful months of holidays for various religious groups in South Asia... Lights, firecrackers, and huge pandals all over (much like last year). 

Despite trying to expend all of Rebekah's energy playing at our Thanksgiving celebration,

We had promised to decorate our enormous 8-foot Christmas Tree we had set up earlier in the week, and she was not going to forget.

Rebekah had previously tried to decorate by herself, 

And she was prepared to hang as many Christmas ornaments as possible.

We started a new Christmas tree tradition by having to fend off swarms of mosquitoes that had made it up to our 3rd floor apartment. And yes, James is using a hand-held electric mosquito zapper--an awesome South Asian invention.

Although the weather is a little different (no chance of snow or temps below 50 degrees), we finally got the tree decorated to make South Asia feel a little more like Christmas once again.

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