Thursday, October 18, 2012

We Went to Serampore!!!


The View of the Ganges from Serampore College
Sure, these days a quick search online can tell you the significance of Serampore...

Would it help if we mentioned William Carey?

The Baptists, missionaries, or those from around Southern Mississippi (location of William Carey University) will then possibly connect the dots...

James, having his PhD in Church History, was super-excited about the 3-hour car trip from Kolkata (Calcutta) to Serampore, even practicing Hindi on the way with the driver.

Kristie catches James sitting on Carey's 200-year-old chair

And while Kristie enjoyed herself, the rough ride and keeping up with Rebekah wore her down.

William Carey arrived in Serampore in the late 1700's, began studying the numerous languages and dialects of South Asia, began translating portions of the Bible into dozens of those languages, all the while sharing the Good News of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection with South Asians.

He travelled around with this collapsable pulpit (gotta have a pulpit, don't you?),

Lived with his and several other European families on the grounds of the compound at Serampore College,

And gave his whole life for the spread of the gospel in South Asia. He was a ridiculously productive linguist, and even when he was earning thousands of pounds yearly as a linguistics teacher at colleges in Calcutta, he still invested everything he had (literally and figuratively) in his mission work.

Carey never left South Asia, 

and the words inscribed on his simple gravestone reflect the direction of his--and our--hearts: 

 "A wretched, poor, and helpless worm,
On Thy kind arms I fall."


  1. What a joy to visit Serampore. I would love to do so myself one day. Great pictures! Mind if I use a couple in my Baptist Heritage notes?

  2. I don't mind. Would you like more pictures with better resolution?