Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thanks, Aunt Tiffany!!!


Everyone here in South Asia is your Auntie, Uncle, Sister, or Brother. Even if you are an adult, you show respect to people with these titles. So, we have "relatives" everywhere we go.

Just in time for a weekend trip we were taking, we got a package from our "Aunt Tiffany" in Georgia, who is a big Bulldog fan (as seen from the picture above, before we left the USA).

She packed the box full of all of our favorites, 
which Rebekah proceeded to organize very nicely:

Some Bigs Dill Pickle Sunflower Seeds, Gobstoppers, Hershey's Dark Chocolate, and Smurfs DVDs.

She also sent Rebekah a Dora book that came with a contraption that sings 20 SONGS FROM DORA!!! Twenty songs, really.

We heard them all, a lot, as Rebekah took her "iPod" with her everywhere she went on our trip.

 So thankful for friends!

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