Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So Scary...

Make no mistake, Rebekah does not need an excuse to dress up, as seen in her normal after-school outfit here.

As we all celebrate Halloween together tonight, know that Rebekah is not missing out on any of the holiday fun due to living here in South Asia. We improvised a costume last year, but this is our second Halloween in South Asia, and the arrival over the past few weeks of several packages assured Rebekah of several holiday-themed outfits.

The glow-in-the-dark shirt,

The cliched child's Halloween shirt and puffy black skirt,

The jack-o-latern look,

And the "princess dress" we put together from stuff in the market to transform Rebekah into Princess Anastasia at her request (we did not tell her what history suspects really happened to Anastasia, instead opting for the cartoon ending) for the games and fun she had at her toddler dress-up party.

We do not have orange pumpkins here in South Asia, so Kristie and Rebekah painted this little green pumpkin orange as a first step before decorating its face.

And Rebekah even talked James and Kristie into throwing on their Saints jerseys (since they need a chance to wear them during this down-year) and joining in the dress-up fun.

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