Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our Little Helper: Momo Edition

From the time we got Rebekah a kitchen for her first birthday, she has always loved pretending to cook.  Kristie often would pull her high-chair up and let her "help" prepare dinner.

Since the high-chair is a distant memory, we now just pull up a stool and Rebekah climbs up and helps more than "gets in the way".

This day, we were making a Tibetan treat, which thankfully has made its way to our part of South Asia:

The Momo.

Momos are vegetables or meat (chicken, pork, water buffalo, or... shhh!!! beef) all spiced up and steamed to be soft or fried to be crispy.

Then they are eaten with your choice of condiments (or not)... ketchup (yuck!), soy sauce, or the super-hot chutney seen in this picture... a result of our (and Rebekah's) hard work.

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