Saturday, October 6, 2012

One Year, In Pictures

We enjoy looking at Retrospectives at the end of years, decades, and centuries, just because we are a little sentimental, and because our old minds tend to forget a lot of things.

 We scoured a thousand pictures, just trying to figure out where our year went!?!

As of TODAY, we have been in South Asia for 1 year.

We sold most of what we owned, packed up all we thought we might need, and prepared to venture into the great unknown...

The neighborhood in our town, we discovered, is absolutely beautiful, but we still had to adjust to life in South Asia (what? no bathtubs?). 

We learned to dress up for big occasions, and we think we fit in pretty well.

Winter came, and we tried to watch our favorite teams however we could, imagining that we were back in the USA for a few hours!!!

We took an absolutely FREEZING trip to the mountains near our home for New Years,

And definitely looked good in our more natural role as tourists!!!

Rebekah celebrated her 3rd Birthday with a Dora the Explorer party,

 We became accustomed to the South Asian way of getting around on a budget (the train system),

And we survived many bouts of homesickness thanks to an AMAZING number of packages from our friends and family.

We could say our biggest "accomplishment" during our first year was finding a swimming pool bathtub in South Asia,

But the joy we get from sharing the Bible with those who had never heard that God loves them,

 teaching unengaged villages and untouched tribes the Gospel,

and encouraging these new brothers and sisters to share with others have been the fuel that has driven us, along with your prayers. 

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