Monday, October 15, 2012

Now THAT Is a Package

Okay, so the package was not really THAT HUGE, despite the fact that Rebekah could not lift it.

But we needed some excuse for a recent incident that happened while we (Kristie and James) were transporting the package on the motorcycle:

Loose Rocks + 

Numerous Pedestrian Distractions +

One Small Alleyway on an Incline +

James and Kristie on a Motorbike +

Brakes +

An Awesomely Huge Package from Aunt Jess =

The Bike Falling from a standing position to a sideways position, 

Kristie Falling and Got a Nice Looking Bruise on her Thigh,

James Remaining Standing but turning slightly red from embarrassment...

But The Bruise and The Embarrassment Were Worth the Halloween-Themed Treats inside:

As you can see by the crown on her head, Rebekah is all about dressing up. 

So, Scary Shirts,

Wild Dress Up Pants,

Candy Corn and Caramel Candy Corn (Two Thumbs Up!),

and Cake Mixes for the Coming Holidays! 

(The Tuna Packs are not Halloween themed; those are just good to get.)


  1. ha ha! this makes me miss you so much more! we should chat soon! love ya!

  2. and... i had to try 5 times to prove I'm not a robot! ha ha!!! make that 10 after I successfully post this! ;)