Sunday, October 28, 2012

Good Food and Big Friends

On a trip in our country last month, Rebekah was super-excited to see a couple young ladies that we met before we ever stepped foot in South Asia, who she affectionately calls her "big friends."

We love to just hop on the train, get a change of scenery, eat some big-city food, and hang out.

After our obligatory beef- and pork-free McDonald's trip, we ventured into more "fine" dining (You know dining is "fine" when you find swinging chairs and tables in a restaurant. Note: Due to the three-year-old in our party, we did not try eating on swinging tables, although below are the swinging chairs.).

Our trip did not disappoint, as it was Elisa's birthday and we ate at a place with some great American-style cheese (for Mac-and-Cheese and Nachos) and good desserts.

We got a group shot, with the typical South Asian crooked-picture (they may do that on purpose), as we enjoyed the A/C during our outing.

And the day before we left, Julie left on her own trip, despite Rebekah's threats, both verbally and physically, that she would not let Julie out the door. Rebekah eventually let Julie leave, but while we were with them, we had a great time!

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