Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A South Asian Way of Life: Motorcycles

Traffic can be a little crazy here in South Asia.

We experienced the fear of big trucks/buses, the people walking on the sides of the roads, and the lack of real road rules during our time in Africa. 

But one thing Africa did not have was the number of motorcycles and scooters found here. Just due to the (relatively) low cost and the maneuverability they have, motorbikes are essential means of transportation in South Asia.


 Motorbikes are probably ideally built for two two-and-a-half,
but we are well-versed in the South Asian "pack as many as you can" on them for short journeys.

And although James had not driven a motorcycle since he was a teenager,
this is the vehicle our small family has been assigned.

He quickly got the hang of it, and realized that his beard made him look much more natural on the bike.

Whether getting through traffic jams, running quickly around town for a forgotten grocery item, or just taking Rebekah and her stuffed animals on a joy ride, our little Yamaha Gladiator made our life a lot more interesting here in South Asia (especially as Monsoon Season holds on, making our life much more wet).

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