Thursday, September 6, 2012

WOW!!! Packages!!! (Part 2)

The day after our mother-load of packages last week, 

we got a call from our postman saying three more had come! 


Our friends from Harrisburg Baptist Church in Tupelo

had sent multiple packages, the last of which had arrived.

James's Aunt Joanne had sent a great package from Hattiesburg, 

including all kinds of school supplies, candy, and some Red Beans & Rice mix!

 And a Growth Group from First Baptist Church Hattiesburg

packed an amazing package full of all of our favorite goodies!!!

 We know sending packages is not cheap.

We also know that "stuff" does not equal "love."

But being on the other side of the globe, thoughts of being "forgotten"

sometimes arise. But as God has placed you all where you are,

He has placed us here. 

And the touches of home really do matter.

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