Sunday, September 23, 2012

Missing Out?

One of the biggest worries any parent has in taking their child to a brand new culture is how she will adjust.

Despite the (understandably) numerous evaluations and tests our employers had us give Rebekah during the application process to come live over here in South Asia, she has taken the South Asian culture by the hand and become part of it.

Just this week, some local high school students (who think Rebekah is the cutest thing, and always talk to her) asked her where she was from, and her reply was "South Asia." Then they asked again and she got confused, asking us, "Where AM I from?"

We have been blessed to have many reminders of what it would be like if we were back in the USA, including a great team to come lead Rebekah in a Vacation Bible School during our meetings last July, 

And our home church sending Rebekah all of the craft projects the kids did at their VBS in Hattiesburg this Summer, which are perfect projects during the persistent monsoon rains.

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