Saturday, September 8, 2012

Heart to God, Hands to Man

Do we really think we are making much of a difference in South Asia?

We spend so much of our time trying to learn to talk on an elementary school level, shopping for vegetables in the market, and sweating, that we wonder if eternity is really impacted.

But because of the faithfulness of our friend, Shay,
 (who likes to pick up cute--yet stray--animals)
who kept coming to this village
(although she spoke almost none of the language)
week after week to play with and love the children,

Kristie has had so many opportunities to share Bible stories

through crafts, songs, and actually talking (albeit on an elementary school level)

with kids (and recently their mothers!).

Just showing these kids God's love is worth the few hours a week it takes to actually go and see them. 

And Rebekah, apparently, has had numerous opportunities to play in the dirt with sticks.

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