Thursday, August 16, 2012

Olympic Spirit


Due to the surprising efficiency of the satellite dish service here in South Asia, we are now connected to the great time-waster of television. And we were connected in time for the last 1 1/2 weeks of the Olympics.

Rebekah was so cute, wanting to try every sport she saw:
gymnastics, swimming, shot put, etc. 

We kept telling her that when she got to be a big girl, she could be in the Olympics.

But the one "sport" that caught her attention (James declared it a non-sport) more than any other was Rhythmic Gymnastics.

She dressed up in her shiniest clothes, got a ribbon on a drumstick, and danced away.

 Satellite TV FYI:
  • We do not get any direct channels from America, so while we do see random shows from the USA (The Mentalist, Justified, NCIS: LA, i.e.), we do not get current season's episodes
  • We get a ton of movie channels, but all of the violence and adult content are cut out, so some 2-hour movies from the USA are only an hour long.
  • The ESPN and CNN we do get are from foreign studios, so we do not get the same news (or perspective on the news) you get in the USA. 
  • We get Al Jazeera's English news channel, which is surprisingly unbiased in its reporting. 
  • We have every channel available through our service, and we pay around $8 per month.

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