Saturday, August 18, 2012

Getting Into the Patriotic Spirit

Cheering for the USA in the Olympics was easy to do as long as we stayed around other Americans-Living-Abroad.

But the fact that we are not in the company of many Americans on a daily basis stood out just days after the Olympics ended, as we got to experience our first Independence Day in our country (it was this country's 65th Independence Day). 

Everywhere you looked--EVERYWHERE--you saw the country's flag.

We thought we had seen a lot of flags on Republic Day in the Winter, but this week we saw even more flags. The weather was a lot hotter than on Republic Day, too, so we just lived our normal daily lives (everything was still open and we did not shoot off fireworks--again, apparently fireworks are less for national holidays than religious ones here),

Rebekah had a party at school, 

We had a party at home,

And we added our money to the flag economy of our country.

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