Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First Theater Experience

Not sure if it is due to the price of labor, or if they all just operate at a loss, but one of the perks of living in South Asia is the movie theaters. Even in our smallish town of 1.5 million people, we have two very nice theaters that play local movies as well as Hollywood blockbusters. We have seen more movies in 10 months in South Asia than we did in 10 years in the USA.


When the most expensive tickets you can buy (yes, they have tiers of tickets) are $3, we felt no hesitation in buying a ticket for our 3-year-old a couple months ago to see Madagascar 3. She had not even seen the first two, but at that price, it did not matter.

The movie was in 3-D, as many are, and after repeated attempts to keep the glasses on in the movie, we finally just let her and her friend watch it without the glasses. I guess they did not mind the blurry scenes.

So, Rebekah experiences another First here in South Asia.

South Asian Movie Theater FYI:
  • The top-tier tickets, at $3, are for full recliners with small tables and cup holders. 
  • Seats are assigned, so if you buy the ticket early, you are guaranteed a great time.
  • Every movie has an intermission, so no "holding it" or missing part of the movie for bathroom breaks.
  • You NEED the bathroom break/intermission, because a 900 ml drink (think "half of a two-liter") and huge tub of popcorn are a little over $2.
  • If you order food during the intermission, a waiter will bring it to your seat.
  • You will likely be frisked and anything resembling food will be confiscated (including gum), but at the price of drinks and snacks, who needs to sneak in candy?

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  1. That is so awesome! I'd see a movie every weekend for that price!