Friday, August 3, 2012

Dehradun and Mussoorie

We have been able to make some good friends wherever we have gone here in South Asia. While learning language in June, we spent a ton of time with our friends Arun and Tina, who helped us practice all of the grammar we were learning.

They are engaged to be married, and were a lot of fun not only to learn the language with, but also just to talk about the differences between South Asians and Americans. We are thankful for our time with them.

We also made a short trip from Dehradun, where our language school was located, to Mussoorie, another of the "hill stations" in South Asia (hill stations were founded by the British to get some relief, both medical and otherwise, from the sometimes sweltering climate of South Asia).

We were able to relax a little in some cooler weather and eat breakfast at a roadside stall with some excellent American-like waffles and pancakes.

Of course Rebekah did not sit still very long, but chose to dance for anyone willing to watch.

We took a nice walk in the forests, saw a lot of trees, and a few monkeys.

And we were able to visit and share a great home-cooked meal with our old language teacher and his wife, who lived above our apartment for almost two months last winter, in their home.

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