Wednesday, July 25, 2012

With Friends

We certainly are not the parents who--although in the land of arranged marriages--want to make any plans for her future friends when Rebekah is only 3 years old.

However, during our time in language school and during our meetings in Nepal, Rebekah spent a lot of time with a couple of children who she met during Summer 2011 in Virginia and who now live in our country (though a long way away).

This is Jonathan and Rebekah at the end of last Summer's training in late September. They were just cute little kids back then.

They have grown up a bit since then, with their personalities sprouting as much as they have. 


Each enjoys doing whatever the other does, and they argue like an old married couple about random topics at times.

But Rebekah really misses him (as much as a three-year-old can), and this week she has asked on multiple occasions when he would visit us again. 

But if they continue to put their arms around one another as often as they do now, James says he may have to have a sit-down talk with the young man.

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