Sunday, July 29, 2012

Touches of Home

Please do not get us wrong:

We would survive without all of the things mentioned below.

But hear us when we say life is a lot easier to handle in the midst of the monsoon season's moldy walls, poor drainage, and broken appliances, when you can sit down, shed some stress, think happy thoughts, and eat...

beef jerky,
ranch dressing,
Parmesan cheese,
sunflower seeds,
Fruit Roll-Ups,
Peanut Butter M&Ms,
and pepperoni
(not all in one sitting--usually).

But even just eating those things is simply the culmination of several exciting events:

Opening up the packages

(1 of 3 from Kristie's mother in late June)

Trying on the new outfits

(our little ballerina in her tutu)

Organizing all the imports and taking a picture for documentation as well as savoring what we had once the goods are gone

(a package of essentials and sweet notes from the Reads in Hattiesburg)

Hugging the packages and imagining what could be inside

(from the Men's Growth Group at First Hattiesburg)

And being thankful for the love we feel in each bite

(Rebekah rediscovering the wonder of raisins)

We enjoy letters, emails, and Skype calls just as much, but let us know if any of you want to become an exporter of pieces of America to South Asia. We will be glad to oblige.

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