Monday, July 2, 2012

Really South Asia? Part 8 (Trained Tour Guides)

While briefly in Delhi, we had two goals:

 1. Dr. Pepper, and 
2. The Delhi Gate

On a hot morning, we set out on the nice 
(seriously, no sarcasm intended) Delhi Metro
to see the Delhi Gate, then take an Auto-Rickshaw
to get Kristie's drink of choice.

 While walking on a little bit of the grass found in Delhi on the way to the Gate, an auto driver pulled up and offered us a deal we couldn't refuse: a riding tour of 4 historic sites, all for $1. 

Too good to be true?

After feeling the heat and realizing we would still be walking for a couple miles despite our miniscule itinerary, we decided $1 was a steal, whatever strings were attached.

So we hopped in and rode to the various sites, including an unplanned stop for our guide/driver to feed the pigeons a huge bag of seed (There must be some cultural or religious significance to his actions, but we have not yet investigated.).

 Sure, there were strings attached: We were persuaded to "just look" at some craft shops that were either "famous" or "close friends and family" of the driver/guide (and from whom we are sure he gets a cut of our purchases).

And while the morning tour was interesting, our biggest laugh came as our driver tried to get our family and the India Gate in one picture.

Not quite...

A little better... 


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