Thursday, July 19, 2012


We grew up under the impression that monkeys are just cute little animals.

And, although all of our actual non-zoo experiences with them have been tense (from the beaches and highlands of Africa to parks in Asia), bordering on frightening, we still find something fascinating about the tenacious little food-seeking monkeys. 

During our recent meetings in a super-nice hotel in Nepal, we encountered some of the boldest monkeys around. This resort was full of monkeys. 

Monkeys jumping onto your table during dinner for a little dinner roll (all they had to do was ask), monkeys opening unlocked windows and making off with a local vendor's food products, and monkeys waiting on your room's balcony just in case you leave the door open when you leave.

So, our little monkey fit right in at the resort.

Making her faces and constantly lurking right behind you for any piece of food you might drop.

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