Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mother's Day Train Ride

After our long trip on the train, we had a short little trip to our destination--language school--the next day! We were not in a cabin, since this was a shorter trip, but it was still very cozy in our chair cars.

We actually traveled on Mother's Day, and unbeknownst to Kristie--who is always asking for bouquets of flowers on special occasions--James had arranged to ride on the same car as the new governor of the state where we are studying these 5 weeks!

So at every stop, whether 2 minutes or 10, crowds of people came aboard our train car showering the governor with gifts and flowers. He in turn (and James claims "as planned") distributed all his flowers to the ladies in the car as our journey ended.

So Kristie got her flowers after all. 

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