Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lives of the People Next Door

What might you do in an average day? 

Read the paper in front on the stoop of a local grocer or coffee shop?

 Look in awe and wonder at what the new building going up down the block will be?

Share some parental advice with your child on the way to school?

Wonder how much money Coca-Cola has in its worldwide empire?

You probably do all of those things the first few hours of your average morning.

So does everyone in South Asia.

Different languages, different jobs, different aspirations... same hopes and dreams. They just want to live their lives, enjoy times with their families, and figure out ultimately what life is all about.

Which is why their morning routines usually involve prayers and incense burning and offerings given to statues of gods who they think help them have babies when they can't, make money when they haven't, or get healthy when they aren't.

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  1. Thanks for loving people and sharing your heart with us! We love you and the people you live next to. Keep being a blessing and shining your light. Love you all, Laurie