Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Home Away From Home: Language School

One of our main goals during our time here in South Asia is to get to know the people and their culture as well as we can, not only so we can befriend them more deeply, but also so we can be more effective in communicating Truth to them.

Despite the hassle of living out of a suitcase in a new home for 5 weeks, we have been blessed to be able to come to a city in the northern area of our country for this language intensive. A lot of what we see here is normal South Asia:

The good...

And the not so good...

But figuring out how to study while entertaining and watching a three-year old has been difficult, especially with the temperatures here between 100 and 110 degrees for the past three weeks.

We have done a lot of crafts and "homework." 

We have been on a lot of walks, which turned into us carrying Rebekah, so we have begun borrowing a stroller.

We have watched many movies from Kristie's and Rebekah's favorite genres: Bollywood and Princess Movies, respectively.

And more often than not, the heat, the studies, and the three-year old have led to many incidents such as the one below--just collapsing as we fill our brains with language study!

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