Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Belatedly!

Happy Mother's Day!! 

 Happy Mother's Day to the women in our lives! 

James and Mom 

Kristie as a baby (due to Hurricane Katrina not many pictures of my mom and me!)

Granny and Rebekah

Grandma and Rebekah

 Granny, Mommy, Rebekah, and Aunt Jess

 Grandma and Rebekah

Granny and Rebekah

Gigi, Mommy, and Rebekah

Grandma Igney, Daddy, Mommy, and Rebekah

We love the awesome women we have in our lives and are so thankful for generations of strong women.  Rebekah is so blessed to have such fine examples to live up to and be loved by!  
We love you and hope you know that we are thankful everyday for you!

Kristie and Rebekah

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