Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dr. Pepper Coolie

Do you remember the movies, whether comedy or drama, where a big chase scene takes place in a crowded airport/mall/subway?

Having already revealed Kristie's love for Dr. Pepper, and James's gift to her for Mother's Day, we saw one of those chase scenes play out in the South Asian train station last month.

Once the coolies at the train station know which train you are waiting for, they bolt for your platform (sometimes carrying a hundred pounds on their heads!). Looking back, with his loyalties divided, James saw Kristie wave him forward--she would worry about Rebekah, he should just not let the Dr. Pepper get away!

Thankfully, a big red LL Bean bag (thanks, Tiffany!) and a case of Dr. Pepper are hard to lose, even in those crowds, so we made it to our platform in plenty of time, with Dr. Pepper safely in hand.

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