Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another Zoo?

As noted before on this site, we enjoy zoos a lot. Wherever we go, we manage to find a local zoo. (Just click the Zoo label at the bottom of this post to see our zoo travels, from Florida to Texas to Nepal!)

So when we heard our language-study city had a zoo, we made plans to go. Then our friends warned us that the zoo was overpopulated with mean, food-stealing monkeys. So then we definitely made plans to go!

The zoo's selection of animals left something to be desired (but it cost $.20 to get in, so how high could our expectations be?). But there was a nice playground, some nice shade, and a bunch of mean, food-stealing monkeys!

None of the monkeys got our food, but we definitely kept our eyes open in the trees and around each corner, because they were on the prowl.

But we did not realize how brazen (or just hungry) the monkeys were until this little gal ran right in front of Rebekah (like 2 feet in front of her), leaped up in the air, and grabbed a popsicle out of a lady's hand!!! AWESOME for those of us watching, but I am sure SCARY for the lady who was robbed.

But, it looked like the little monkey enjoyed it, so all we had to say was, "Nice move, Ms. Monkey... Nice Move."

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  1. oooooh.. I'm like you.. I would have been nervous, but I would have to see this for myself... lol... I love reading your posts.. always makes me smile or laugh... Rebekah is getting so big... They grow too fast..