Saturday, June 30, 2012

Adventure Time: Robber's Cave


While away from our home for language study, 
we stopped by a recommended site
to cool off and see a little bit of nature. 

Apparently, during the British Raj,
"rebels" and/or criminals hid from the British authorities here.

While we saw no evidence of the location's history,
Robber's Cave was a nice way to spend an hour or two

Running in the water...

Laying in the water...

And splashing in the water.

If you ask Rebekah, she will also tell you
that she enjoyed peeing in the water.

Thankfully, that was after she posed for these pictures with us, though.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Belatedly!

Happy Mother's Day!! 

 Happy Mother's Day to the women in our lives! 

James and Mom 

Kristie as a baby (due to Hurricane Katrina not many pictures of my mom and me!)

Granny and Rebekah

Grandma and Rebekah

 Granny, Mommy, Rebekah, and Aunt Jess

 Grandma and Rebekah

Granny and Rebekah

Gigi, Mommy, and Rebekah

Grandma Igney, Daddy, Mommy, and Rebekah

We love the awesome women we have in our lives and are so thankful for generations of strong women.  Rebekah is so blessed to have such fine examples to live up to and be loved by!  
We love you and hope you know that we are thankful everyday for you!

Kristie and Rebekah

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

(Disclaimer:  Due to internet access since Mother's Day, the mothers in our lives will be featured this week belatedly!)

Happy Father's Day to the fathers in our lives! 

My dad and Pawpaw! 

My hubby and daddy!

Pawpaw and Rebekah

Daddy and Rebekah

Grandpa and Rebekah

We love you and are so blessed and thankful that you are in our lives!  

We celebrate you today!


Kristie and Rebekah


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lives of the People Next Door

What might you do in an average day? 

Read the paper in front on the stoop of a local grocer or coffee shop?

 Look in awe and wonder at what the new building going up down the block will be?

Share some parental advice with your child on the way to school?

Wonder how much money Coca-Cola has in its worldwide empire?

You probably do all of those things the first few hours of your average morning.

So does everyone in South Asia.

Different languages, different jobs, different aspirations... same hopes and dreams. They just want to live their lives, enjoy times with their families, and figure out ultimately what life is all about.

Which is why their morning routines usually involve prayers and incense burning and offerings given to statues of gods who they think help them have babies when they can't, make money when they haven't, or get healthy when they aren't.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


If you do not have Skype, you are crazy. 

Unless you are able to be with all of your best friends and family simultaneously anytime you desire, including all holidays and those times when you either need information or just want a familiar face to pour your heart out to, you must get Skype.

We used Skype in the USA quite a bit. But with a growing and changing 3-year-old here in South Asia, Skype has become the fourth person at many of our dinner table conversations, gift openings, at bedtime stories.

I am not sure who invented Skype, but someone needs to buy the guy a drink, or send him a Thank You card, if you prefer.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tea Time with Daddy

Rebekah recently called James away from his computer to come to a brief "tea party" she had made for the two of them.


She had the blankets set out, and everything ready. And she even made them pray before the dining began.

Looking at the adoring eyes of Rebekah toward her dad can just make a parent's heart melt.

We are so busy some days, filling out paperwork, studying, reading, going to meetings, etc., that we forget that some of our most important work is to just relax and spend time together...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another Zoo?

As noted before on this site, we enjoy zoos a lot. Wherever we go, we manage to find a local zoo. (Just click the Zoo label at the bottom of this post to see our zoo travels, from Florida to Texas to Nepal!)

So when we heard our language-study city had a zoo, we made plans to go. Then our friends warned us that the zoo was overpopulated with mean, food-stealing monkeys. So then we definitely made plans to go!

The zoo's selection of animals left something to be desired (but it cost $.20 to get in, so how high could our expectations be?). But there was a nice playground, some nice shade, and a bunch of mean, food-stealing monkeys!

None of the monkeys got our food, but we definitely kept our eyes open in the trees and around each corner, because they were on the prowl.

But we did not realize how brazen (or just hungry) the monkeys were until this little gal ran right in front of Rebekah (like 2 feet in front of her), leaped up in the air, and grabbed a popsicle out of a lady's hand!!! AWESOME for those of us watching, but I am sure SCARY for the lady who was robbed.

But, it looked like the little monkey enjoyed it, so all we had to say was, "Nice move, Ms. Monkey... Nice Move."

Friday, June 8, 2012

A Glimpse of Sweetness

A lot of the actions we see from Rebekah are pure CRAZINESS! She is a normal child, mostly just active and playing and moving from game to game, toy to toy, on a whim.

You remember some of the scenes:

But there are times that all of the "corrections" and "disciplines" we have to give Rebekah are the furthest things from our minds, when she is just being... a sweet little girl.

Like this morning, when she wanted to just sit on her bed and read her doll some of her stories from the Bible. She did not get all the stories exactly right, but the tenderness and compassion she had in this moment made up for those errors.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Home Away From Home: Language School

One of our main goals during our time here in South Asia is to get to know the people and their culture as well as we can, not only so we can befriend them more deeply, but also so we can be more effective in communicating Truth to them.

Despite the hassle of living out of a suitcase in a new home for 5 weeks, we have been blessed to be able to come to a city in the northern area of our country for this language intensive. A lot of what we see here is normal South Asia:

The good...

And the not so good...

But figuring out how to study while entertaining and watching a three-year old has been difficult, especially with the temperatures here between 100 and 110 degrees for the past three weeks.

We have done a lot of crafts and "homework." 

We have been on a lot of walks, which turned into us carrying Rebekah, so we have begun borrowing a stroller.

We have watched many movies from Kristie's and Rebekah's favorite genres: Bollywood and Princess Movies, respectively.

And more often than not, the heat, the studies, and the three-year old have led to many incidents such as the one below--just collapsing as we fill our brains with language study!