Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Southbound Train to the Big City

We have been wanting to go see Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) for a while now. Finally, we had the opportunity to do so, so we three boarded the southbound overnight train.

The trains are not as crowded or unorganized as movies and documentaries about South Asia sometimes make them out to be, but you do need to understand the whole process or you will be totally frustrated with train travel. Rebekah's obsession with trains made her slightly out of control before bedtime and after she awoke the next morning, but it was fun to watch her excitement.

In one of the largest cities in the world, more opportunities for fun and adventure exist than we have had in a long time. So naturally, our first destination as tourists was... McDonalds. No hamburgers are sold at this McDonalds, but the chicken sandwiches, nuggets, fries, and

ICE CREAM made the sweating we endured on the subway worth the trip across the city. What can we say: we have not had the opportunity to indulge in America's favorite fast food in nearly 8 months.

We relaxed over the next few days, saw a lot of sites, and did a lot of shopping. The most touristy thing we did was visit the Victoria Memorial, a century-old monument/museum to England's famous monarch. Rebekah was more in awe of the grass and the bushes, however.

And we are eternally thankful to our hosts (and our cultural/travel advisers) for our little jaunt to the Big City, Elisa and Julie. They made vacation abundantly more relaxing than any stay in a hotel or tour-book guided trip would have been!

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