Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Promise Fulfilled

Just enjoying the sun and the water.

Since October 2011 when we moved to our town about 1/2 mile from a waterpark, we have been promising Rebekah, "When summer comes, we will take you to the waterpark."

Walking around in our swimsuit, hinting to mom and dad that it's time to go.

Every time we passed it on a rickshaw, Rebekah would ask, "Is summer here yet?"

Kristie and Rebekah in their swimwear. Yes, that is Kristie's South Asian swimwear.

So with our area heating up, we made good on our promise.

Kristie and Rebekah playing alone in the pool by the big slides.

While the waterpark is not American in many ways, one of the good ways is that it does not get crowded until after lunch.

Along with the slides, there is a wave pool and a kid's pool with smaller slides and swings.

Although the down side of the waterpark is that sometimes certain attractions are closed without notice for maintenance. But hey, at least they care about maintenance.

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