Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Motherload: Just What the Doctor Ordered

James is not a big Dr. Pepper fan, but he can drink it if that is all there is available. (That is excluding a phase in High School where Sonic's Route 44 Dr. Pepper with real strawberries in it was his go-to drink.)

Kristie, on the other hand, is a Dr. Pepper fiend. During her time in Africa, paying $40 for a case of Dr. Pepper on her visits to Kenya was not big deal. We had heard rumors that Dr. Pepper sightings were happening all over South Asia, and while passing through an undisclosed location in Delhi...


Cases upon cases of Dr. Pepper. If only we had the budget or luggage space for more than one case...

Yes, you heard us right, because as an early Mother's Day Present, Kristie got an entire case, to be rationed out as needed for the next __________ months.

We will not disclose the cost, but let's just say it was less than a pair of diamond earrings would have been (at least a decent-sized pair).

Yes, those may be tears in her eyes--or she could have just gone over the edge after her first drink. Either way, it's the little things that you miss the most some days.


  1. Congratulations... I remember a mission trip to Jamaica we didn't have coke for a week. We went on a vacation day, to Dunns River Falls.. I was so thrilled to see my friend, Gail Carr!And .... Wait.. What is that? Could it be? A COKE. Oh happy day... the others climbed the falls.. I sat and drank with a smile on my face.. lol

  2. So happy to see you finally found it!! Enjoy!! :)

  3. I am so fired up that I went out and bought me a Dr. Pepper. This one's for you guys. I know the Dr. Pepper guys. Will see if we can keep you supplied!