Monday, May 21, 2012

I See A Train A' Comin'

Being one of the world's biggest employers, the railway system here in South Asia is massive. But trains are the way South Asians travel. So many picture trains packed with people, hanging on wherever they can, trying not to fall off.

We have experienced an overnight train, but our most recent journey involved two train rides totally over 30 hours of travel time, including one that was a 24-hour long journey!

We waited for a while in the train station, because who really gets to the track early knowing the train would be late (we do!)?

Rebekah kept us and many of the South Asians around entertained for a few hours.

And although we do not want to spoil any martyr-like ideas in your head of us traveling in horrendously crowded conditions, we have to be honest:

If you get in the right compartment, the trains in South Asia are amazing!

Imagine a very, very slow plane trip where you are served food and snacks almost constantly and have a bed to sleep on (if you are 12 or older--younger children cannot be assigned a ticket, so they share with their parents).

And if you doubt our word, just let Rebekah's peaceful slumber during afternoon nap time be a reassurance to you (and this was only one of our bunks--we also had a fold-down bed above this one) of how nice a journey we had.

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