Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad and Papaw!

Today is a special day in Mississippi and South Asia - my dad's birthday!  
(His age will not be revealed with this blog!)

I have to admit that I saw a similar blog idea and ran with it!  It is a great idea to take a few moments and share my dad with others!  

My dad is an awesome dad and granddad!  He knows the Father and taught me about Him from a small age.   I would not be where I am now if it had not been for him and my mother teaching me to follow the Heavenly Father's calling in my life.  He raised two girls and did a great job!  He has always been supportive in everything I have done.  He provided an excellent example of what a father and husband should look like!  
He has been a great papaw as well to Rebekah.  I am so glad that she can know my dad and have his example in her life as well!

We cannot be with him today on his special day but wanted to wish him the best birthday!

We LOVE  you!

(There is a common theme to these pictures -- My dad is a HUGE Ole Miss fan!) 



Rebekah loves both SMTTT and Ole Miss!

Rebekah wanted to wish my dad a special birthday :

I hope your day is a special one dad!  Thanks for being the best dad a girl could have here on Earth!

Kristie and Rebekah

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  1. Aww Rebekah singing was the cutest thing ever! I bet Uncle Woody loved it!!